Peruvian general ship supplies and repairs directly to you.

SHIP CHANDLER PERU – SCP. Peruvian Ship Chandler, repairs and supplies.
Firstly founded in 2010 and currently with more than 10 years of experience. However we are trying to consolidate our name within the most important companies in the marine supply sector of Peru. Therefore we work hard to comply all your marine supply requirements.
Consequently our goal as a Ship Supplier in Peru is to provide personalized, quality attention and fulfill all the vessel requirements requested by ships and cruises. In adittion for this we have a highly trained team and warehouses in strategic locations near most of the port terminals of Peru for a greater effectiveness in times, fresh products supplies and quality attention. In other words a high quality and fast service.

At SHIP CHANDLER PERU – SCP we value all the work of the port authorities especially in Callao, Peru, therefore in order to fulfill with the norms and laws, we support the development and growth of the formality in the marine supply sector of Peru. However we are trying to improve everyday.

In conclusion all the logistics and experience to assist you at anytime it is what we as an experienced peruvian ship chandler and as a formal company have, we could assist you even in Christmas day and or any Holiday at all times.

Ship chandler peru delivering supplies

Supply Services.

Ship Chandler Peru – SCP supply all of your needs providing always fresh goods, best quality and selected products. In addition we can also offer to you bond store products, spare parts, water supply, repairs, welding and many others in all peruvian ports, just feel free to request any maritime or in land service. In other words we are here to give you a great quality experience.

Ship chandler peru - garbage disposal

Garbage Disposal.

We really care about the enviroment and ecological practices as a peruvian ship chandler company, Therefore in this service we count with a recycle center in order to low our carbon footprint, In addition we will always give you a certificate of the service, with this you will continue with no problems to your next destination. However we are working hard to lower much more our emissions.

cargo containers at ship chandler peru

Cargo Operations.

Fast & safe delivery of your items above all. Therefore we ship your goods all around over the country or the world, contact us and quotate your cargo by land, air or sea. Have the confidence that SCP – Ship Supplier Peru will treat your cargo with quality and effort in other words as if it was ours.

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will be happy to assist you as fast as possible. Main port with express delivery its Callao – Peru, however we try to be faster everyday.


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